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The traveler here continuing our bimonthly adventures in the photomontage realm of star trek from the master of manipulation that is. Spock is mentally restored after mindmelding with his mirror self and takes command of the uss surak. Nero is a fourpart comic book miniseries published by idw publishing, starting in august 2009. Inspired by a number of character profile series being published at the time by both dc and marvel comics, whos who in star trek was a twoissue special published in march and april 1987 that provided profiles of various characters in the star trek comic book universe. With the highlyanticipated film star trek beyond releasing this week, a new cbs star trek television series in the works, and an official confirmation of star trek 4 from j. Git corps collection includes all issues from 1967 2002, every annual, all articles and advertisements. This website is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with cbs studios inc. Memory alpha is a collaborative project to create the most definitive, accurate, and accessible encyclopedia and reference for everything related to star trek. Nero comic memory beta, noncanon star trek wiki fandom.

The next generation 1988 series captain kirk, spock, mccoy, scotty, and all the favorite star trek characters are still going strong in this. You can find star trek comics at your local comic shop. Somehow i was under the impression that the romulan ship got trapped in the vortex and stayed frozen for all that time until the opportune time for the reunion with spock presented itself. I am a hard core, died in the wool, unapologetic trekkie.

Countdown comes an allnew story set within the events of the hit. Comic book version of the original star trek tv series that starred william shatner and leonard nimoy. While that approach worked for some fans that were already familiar with khan, other. Star trek is slowly starting to take over the universe again while trying to cater to a modern audience but still attempting to connect with longtime fans. Countdown, and is set during the events of star trek, covering the twentyfive year gap in nero s whereabouts. It follows the characters of spock and the romulan nero. In june, 1982 i was visiting relatives in north carolina and comic bookstrip nut that i was, i immediately rooted around their local paper and was thrilled to see a star trek comic strip. Nero is a compilation of the 4 issue bridge between the events in the first rebooted star trek film.

All novels were published as mass market paperback editions. Star trek comics checklist by mark martinez is licensed under a creative commons attributionnoncommercialsharealike 3. I snipped the story for the week we were up there and still have them. Following the destruction of romulus in 2387, nero sought vengeance against those he felt were responsible, ultimately resulting in his being.

A highly imaginative and engaging writer whos written stories for some of the biggest characters in comic book history, including batman and superman, mike. The englishlanguage memory alpha started in november 2003, and currently consists of 48,501 articles. The miniseries explores the events that led the two to travel back in time in star trek, detailing spocks desperate but unsuccessful attempt to prevent the supernova that destroyed the romulan empire. This year is the 50th anniversary of the series, which aired for the first time on september 8, 1966, so.

Vintage star trek comics featuring captain kirk, spock and the rest of the original enterprise crew are available for free reading on the wowio website. If you ever wondered what nero got up too the destruction of the kelvin, nows your chance, all in one easy volume. However, in the movie its shown that neros wife was also. Not an adaptation, this exclusive story follows the villainous nero as he seeks to. Nero was a romulan miner originating from the 24th century, and captain of the mining vessel narada. The comic takes place during the final few minutes of star trek. Select a title to see the individual issues we have instock. In these later issues, kirk, after a multiissue showdown with the mirror universe, takes command of the excelsior. Star trek home star trek comic books star trek trade paperbacks star trek other merchandise star trek comics and comic book series. All the star trek tiein comics that are actually canon. Nine informationpacked chapters detailing the history of star trek in comic books and newspaper strips from the first gold key comic books, to the english newspaper strip, to the marvel and dc titles, to the present day. Barr handled this special look at the final mission of the enterprises fabled fiveyear mission the previous years annual had detailed the first mission in the fiveyear mission.

And thus the british star trek came to a close, having been published almost weekly throughout 19691973. In the last two days, weve discussed the seven original star trek stories produced by peter pan records in 19751976 parts one and two. It follows the characters of spock and the romulan nero during the year 2387, detailing the events that cause them to travel to the 23rd century. The final issue contains the climactic confrontation between nero and the elder spockleading up to the cataclysmic destruction of vulcan. Gold key star trek comics suffered a price decline in 1998 from 1997. Exhaustively covers all publications of the entire star trek universe. A fourissue prequel to jj abrams star trek reboot in 2009, star trek. The franchises massively popular array of television shows and films inspired the comic books and graphic novels that we know and love today.

Nero was the captain of the romulan mining vessel narada until its disappearance in 2387 in 2387, the narada was the first ship to discover the threat posed by the hobus star. There was also a slight drop in prices from 2002 to 2014, probably due to the several. After eight issues the series took place after star trek iii. Um, apparently i think i maybe one of the few star trek fans who didnt wonder what nero was doing for 25 years when he had to wait for spock to appear in the alternative universe. Spock, bones, scottie, or the next generation with captain jeanluc picard, beverly crusher, deanna troi, commander data, william riker, and worf, or even star trek voyager, deep space 9 ds9 and star trek enterprise. Working with federation ambassador spock, nero attempted to convince the romulan senate to destroy the star using red matter but they were unsuccessful after hobus went supernova and romulus was destroyed, nero. Since khan shares the same origins as his classic series counterpart, splitting from the prior storyline only at the point admiral marcus instead of kirk and the enterprise crew finds khan adrift in space, abrams didnt spend very much time detailing the characters backstory for star trek into darkness. On the star trek peter pan records of 1979 sequart. Nero is a comic book miniseries from idw publishing. The story is well written and the art style fits in perfectly with the style of the rebooted franchise. The miniseries was collected in trade paperback in february 2010.

Today, we look at the companys 1979 star trek offerings. Revisit and relive your favourite star trek comic books. The greatest star trek comic book stories of alltime cbr. On the way home to earth to make way for the incoming crew including new captain. The fate of the vulcan people hangs in the balance as spock tries to prevent allout war with the romulan. Bantam books was the first licensed publisher of star trek tiein fiction. Star trek into darkness prequel comic reveals villain. Countdown is a fourissue comic book prequel to the 2009 film star trek by idw publishing. In the comic, neros crew shaved their heads and got their tattoos after romulus was destroyed, as an act of mourning.

If this is your first visit, please read an introduction to memory alpha. Except, that is, for two final fivepage stories, published in 1978 and 1979. In a world where the romulans discovered earth before the vulcans, earth is now a brutal penal colony. The story serves as both a lead up to the film, and as a continuation of the star trek. The plot of the 1984 dc series picked up immediately after star trek ii. The best star trek books for the 50th anniversary kristen mcquinn sep 6, 2016. Revisit and relive your favourite star trek comic books includes all issues from 1967 2002, including every annual, all articles and advertisementsover 500 issues all content in printable, userfriendly pdf format series include star trek, star trek. New idw comics series follows up on events of star trek beyond. We chose the best in books fiction and nonfiction and comic books new stories, collections and. Pay what you want for star trek comics and support charity. Customs services and international tracking provided. This decline was due both to a wide scale correction in the prices being paid for all comic books as noted in the overstreet comic book price guide, as well as a general reduction of popular interest in the star trek franchise itself.

Nero after khan, my next favorite big bad on my list is nero. Trekmovie continues our 2011 retrospective today with a look at star trek on the printed page. Star trek nero comic to cover neros lost years exclusive. The filmmakers were closely involved with the production. Mike johnson and tony shasteen elevate their final frontier narrative with star trek. Star trek is a space epic that takes place in the distant future and most commonly follows the adventures of the starship enterprise.

Star trek comic books star trek trade paperbacks star trek other merchandise star trek join the enterprise, the orignal with captain james t. I cant remember a time when star trek wasnt a part of my life. Countdown follows the stories of spock and nero in the year 2387. It has a photo of william shatner on the back cover.

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